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Our Situation

The Elmer Library Association does not have a dedicated source of revenue for the operational expenses of the library. The library is staffed by a paid part-time librarian and assistants and many dedicated volunteers. The Borough of Elmer provides the facility and contributes public funds every year, and Upper Pittsgrove Township, and Pittsgrove Township also contribute public funds depending on their budgets. 

As a result, we rely on a variety of fundraisers and donations from patrons like you in order to continue providing you our quality services for years to come! 

We're very grateful for any and all contributions, and there are a number of ways you can show your support!

A large wooden bookshelf lined with books

Ways to Support

There are a variety of outlets for you to show us some love! 

Attending Events

Who doesn't like a good fundraiser?

It even has fun in the name!

And we have multiple opportunities to come out and show your support while having a good time!

Including activities such as raffles, holiday candy sales, bake sales, road cleanups, Harvest Day 5K and Mayors Mile, and the Basket/Designer Bag Bingo, held every spring at the Elmer Fire Hall.

Stay up-to-date on our latest opportunities by visiting our events page here!

Sending Us Donations

Of course, there's nothing quite like the direct route!

You can send us your donations at 

120 South Main Street

PO Box 372

Elmer, NJ 08318

A picture of an anthropomorphic book smiling and running as a symbol of the Annual Elmer Library Harvest Day Run
Food Hand Off
A picture of a hand depositing money into a donation box.

Donating Resources

Don't have extra cash to spare? That's okay!

Love and support comes in all different shapes and sizes!

At the bottom of this page are details about alternate ways to help out our library through volunteering or through book donations to diversify and grow our collection!

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Donate Books

Right now, we're at capacity for hardback books.

However, we are looking for newer paperbacks or children's books!

If you'd like to donate your paperbacks you can either bring them in or you can mail them to our P.O. Box listed in our contacts below! 


We always are looking for volunteers to help out at events or around the library!

Ask today about opportunities to make a difference or check our events to see when we'll be needing a lot of loving extra hands!

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